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Cut and Remove aquatic vegetation VS. Chemical Spray to KILL the plants and more!

FPC Method

  • Safely cut and remove any type of aquatic plant life
  • Safe for the environment, fish, birds, and other wildlife
  • Removes the plant life immediately
  • No buildup of dead plants and sediment

The Chemical Method

  • Spray Chemicals, the plants begin to die over time and lay dead on the water until they sink
  • Decaying matter depletes the water of oxygen.
  • Fish, turtles, birds consume the dying vegetation that has absorbed the poison.
  • Dead plant life builds a layer of sediment on the bottom which will eventual need to be removed because of yearly buildup. A Retention pond becomes less effective for drainage because of yearly buildup of dead plants and sediment.





Retention Pond Services Maintenance, Cleaning & Management All Throughout Florida

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Natural Pond Cleaning

Welcome to Florida Pond Cleaning. We offer top quality retention pond, natural pond, lake, and canal maintenance, cleaning & management throughout Florida including the Orlando and Central Florida Counties. We also clean and maintain all storm water systems with the largest fleet of pump trucks in Central Florida.

Florida Retention Pond Maintenance Companies are numerous, but Florida Pond Cleaning stands apart from the rest by also offering expert residential and commercial pond maintenance and cleaning in addition to lake management and pond cleaning and pond management services. FPC is one of the only companies in Florida to buy a specially made piece of equipment and have it shipped from Sweden that will cut and remove weeds from any size lake, canal, or pond without the use of chemicals.

Each of our services, available separately or as an integrated program, is guaranteed effective and safe protecting the delicate lake ecology is our top priority. Our machine has a low ground pressure and tread that allows it to travel over land into the water with no environmental damage. It is the weed cutter of choice for municipalities, golf courses, conservation management, canals and lakeside or river resorts. The cutting action of our special aquatic machine protects the environment even while in use. It does not harm wildlife.

Florida Pond Cleaning | Natural Pond Cleaning

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Most companies offering pond cleaning and maintenance use chemicals. The chemicals kill the plants and the plants die and drop to the bottom to decay. The decaying matter containing the chemicals are then eaten by the fish and aquatic creatures. The decaying matter also depletes the water of necessary oxygen and builds sediment upon the bottom of the pond over time reducing the depth and efficiency of the pond itself.

One of the best ways to maintain ponds and to keep them free of sediment is to utilize a weed cutter that is able to cut the weeds below the surface of the water. By keeping the weeds or reeds closely cut, sediment is reduced and it is easier to maintain water weed control.

FPC also has the largest fleet of pump and vactor trucks available 24/7 for all size storm water system jobs and emergency services and flood control.

When it comes to professional retention pond maintenance, Florida is a state with high demand due to many of the environmental concerns of runoff water and soil erosion. In addition, The Sunshine State boasts more than 7,000 named lakes that measure more than 20 acres in size each, plus countless smaller ponds, and more than 200,000 retention ponds. A natural or man-made pond on or nearby your property can add thousands of dollars to your land value so long as it’s beautifully kept. Many ponds can go years without intervention and still look pristine. But others with high aquatic plant densities or in areas with large amounts of debris likely will require the services of professional pond cleaners to remain healthy and retain their natural allure.

View our complete website to learn more about our Florida retention pond cleaning and management services, plus our extra services. Then reach us at Phone or via our online info form to discuss your unique retention pond needs. Pond Cleaning

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Florida Pond Cleaning | Natural Pond Cleaning