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Retention ponds are basins that catch runoff from higher elevation areas. They are often created near development areas and have been gaining in popularity to the point they are required in many instances with new development of buildings, parking lots and roads. Unlike other companies that “manage” weeds in the retention ponds by spraying harmful chemicals to kill the weeds and also allow the weeds to die and decay into the pond. FPC uses it’s amphibious machine to cut of the weeds and then net the weeds out of the pond to ensure the pond is kept as clean as possible.

Florida Retention Pond Non Compliance Letters

If you have received a visit from a code enforcement officer and received a non compliance letter regarding the maintenance of the retention pond on your property, FPC has the ability to take care of this headache quickly before the county’s fines set in! Call FPC now: 407-901-5656

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At FPC we understand the complexities of the Florida Government Regulatory Standards for retention ponds. We always strive to adapt our services to stay current with the amendments made to those standards.

  • FPC evaluates your retention pond structure and will develop a restoration and maintenance plan to most efficiently manage your system.

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Retention pond maintenance used to manage excess water from storm runoff to prevent flooding and downstream erosion, and improve water quality in an adjacent river, stream, lake or bay.

Both detention basins and retention basins are ways in which flood damage reduction can be accomplished

Florida Retention Pond Maintenance | Retention Pond Maintenance Florida

Florida Retention Pond Maintenance, Retention Pond Maintenance Florida, Retention Pond Maintenance Fl
If you’re in need of high quality retention pond management services, FPC has the professional and scientific expertise to effectively manage your retention pond services such as pond cleaning and maintenance needs.
FPC has the largest fleet of pump trucks, vactor trucks and stands ready to handle any size job and all emergency flooding issues.

Retention ponds and the attached storm water pipe systems need to be regularly cleaned and maintained in order to assure proper drainage from your property to the retention pond designed to hold excess water runoff.

Contact FPC today at 407-501-5656 or via our convenient online email form.

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Runoff water is typically channeled to a retention basin through a system of street and/or parking lot storm drains, and a network of drain channels or underground pipes. The basins are designed to allow relatively large flows of water to enter, but discharges to receiving waters are limited by outlet structures that function only during very large storm events.
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For superior retention pond management services, Florida turns to FPC based in Orlando, FL, we have many satisfied clients in the Orlando, and Central Florida area.

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Retention Pond Maintenance Florida | Retention Pond Services Florida